Abused Dog Lives To Be 21 Years Old

This is Fufer's Story...

In memory of our beloved girl Fufer.

Fufer lived to be at least 21 years old.
We never knew her exact age, just that she was at least 2 years old at the time we adopted her.

She passed away April 4th 2009
I've not been able to share her story until now, and still it's been very hard.


  1. I cried when I read what happened to her, but I am so glad she had such a good time with you!
    I cannot believe how people can do that to a living creature.
    Fufer looked so cute and loveable.
    My brother also rescued a dog and he is the best dog you can imagine. He even loves going to the vet!
    We will be moving soon and then we will be allowed to have a cat, we will get from an animal shelter. We just dont have the time to look after a dog, but I am sure the cat will become our sweetheart!
    Please excuse any mistakes as English is not my mothertongue.


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