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Start replacing your old cookware!

Did you know that your cookware could be leaching toxic
chemical substances and metals into your food.
Not only does this change the taste, it can be bad for your health.  Aluminum, copper, stainless steel and cast iron all leach metals into your foods.  Plastics and non-stick coated pans can leach toxins and even ceramic & porcelain can have lead and other substances that can leach into your food and some forms of glass can possibly explode.

The safest materials for cookware are high quality glass, or next to that a high quality stainless or cast iron that has not been pre-treated by the factory. This can be hard to find...And I've found it! 
And it doesn't cost an arm & a leg.

If you want the best quality I could find for your family, consider Simax by Kavalier.

Simax by Kavalierglass (Now available in North America) is a non-reactive, lead-free, cadmium-free borosilicate type of glass, which excel in a high heat resistance and meets international ISO 3585 Standards. This type of glass does not change the flavor of foods and does not leach anything toxic.  It may be utilized in the most demanding sectors, such as chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, biology and food industry. This high quality and economical multi-purpose glass cookware is made in Europe and comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, is safe for stove top, oven, the refrigerator, as serving ware and is dishwasher safe.

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  1. I tried the pizza pan - it was great :)

  2. Fantastic! I haven't tried that one yet, great to hear you like it :)

  3. Thanks for the video about Simax products :). I wasn't aware they're also available in North America. Used to have them back home in Europe and said good bye to them when I moved to Canada. I'm so excited I can found them here as well! Did you order them from Did you have to pay any duty tax? Thank you.

  4. Hi Lore. The only place I know of to order them is Yes there are duties and taxes but it's calculated at the time of checkout and is fairly reasonable. :)

  5. Hi again :). Thank you for your reply. I'm heading to Amazon right now for a simulation. I did a little research in the meantime and it seems that the Canadian distributor for Simax is David Shaw Tableware. I did get in touch with them to see if there are any retailers carrying Simax close to where I live. They got back to me with two suggestions one of which was a dead end because it turned out to be a wholesaler but the second one confirmed they had Simax in store. I'll have to check if they have the exact items I'm looking for at a reasonable price :). Anyways all this is to say that hopefully we will soon be able to see there products in more kitchenware stores.

    Also, during my research I've come accross an alternative to Simax. The brand is called Arcuisine and is made by Luminarc (the same French company that makes borosilicate Pyrex in Europe). I could find some of their roasters on Linen Chest's website. Do you know anything (good or bad) about Arcuisine? I've noticed their guarantee is for five years only as opposed to ten years from Simax. Thanks again :).

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