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Creamy Broccoli Mushroom Soup Recipe | Gluten-free Vegan

This easy organic broccoli mushroom soup will warm you up on a winters day and is very quick to make!

Entirely from scratch, no canned or packaged ingredients.

3 tbs organic olive oil + 2 more for drizzle when finished
1 small organic onion diced
1 tbs organic butter (optional)
20 sliced organic button mushrooms (2 pks)
1 large head of organic broccoli (stems, leaves and flower cut into bite size pieces)
3 tsp Celtic Salt
4 Cups of filtered water
8 ounces of organic nut milk (Super-Easy Recipe Here)
Organic Black Pepper
2 tbs Organic dried onion
5 tsp Organic kudzu root (or corn starch) mixed into enough filtered water to make it pour-able
1 Organic Hot Chili (Optional)
Pastured sheep cheese (Optional)

Saute onions, mushroom & broccoli in butter and 3tbs olive oil until onions have softened.
Add water and salt, cover and simmer a few minutes.
Add nut milk, salt & pepper to taste, a little grated sheep cheese (optional) and kudzu root to thicken.
Pop in a hot chili and drizzle with 2 more tbs olive oil.


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