Storm January 2013 | 31 Hours Without Power

Snow, rain, high winds, no power and we were cold...

Trying to heat this small house was surprisingly difficult in a winter storm...Being prepared for power outages is essential for staying healthy in a cold climate. It's amazing how hard it is on the body having a lack of sleep, diet change and being cold, even if only for a few hours.

The good surprise  our little old '99 Suzuki came through for us again, digging us out of the super-heavy sogging wet snow.


  1. up on the Bonavista Peninsula we had high winds which kept our car and pathway fairly uncovered, we lost power for about 9 hours most of which we spent in bed staying warm

  2. When we knew the storm was coming I made a big pot of soup which we heated just enough for a couple of cups when needed on a propane camping stove.

  3. Luckily I did have some leftover soup but It only lasted a little while....And I totally forgot about all the frozen soup I had. I eat a load of raw salads and we were out of most raw fruits/veggies so My digestion took it a bit hard...Glad to hear you're all alright up there :)

  4. = Out there sorry - for some reason I read that as "Northern Peninsula"...I may still need more sleep - teehee.


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