Buying Organic Groceries In Newfoundland | Road Trip

Aside from on-line shopping, 
Sobey's, Dominion & Real Food Market
are our only real choices for organic food purchasing in winter

Come take a ride to the grocery store with me


  1. Great video - I find the dominion at the stadium has the best selection of organic produce - they have a whole section of the organic food by themselves so they are not easily mixed up with the regular stuff.

    Also, costco has frozen organic blueberries, corn and green peas. They also have organic fresh brocolli florets and sunset brand tomatoes. The Zima tomatoes have the non-gmo symbol :) they are green house grown.

    Sobeys at Howley estates has organic peppers when the boat comes in!

  2. Sounds like you have some great finds! I did get the broccoli at costco last week but they were out of the frozen veggies when we were there...It's always hit and miss. Great to see another NL organic foodie!! :)

  3. Yeah - it's like a real life game of survivor trying to find decent food! Costco is awesome -I did a list of my favourites here

  4. Thanks for the link! I just started following you. We try to eat whole foods (fruits, veggies & a little meat & eggs) and stear clear of most carb foods as much as possible even gluten-free stuff. In summer I grow much of my own so it's so much better, in winter we do fall back on some rice and packaged, canned and frozen organics. I am so envious of the raw organic foodies I follow on YouTube in California...the farmers markets there are incredible year round.

  5. Wow, I never knew it was so difficult for you to find organic foods in the winter there. It helps make me a little more grateful for what I can get. I love following your blog; I live in Virginia, the DC metro area. The prices of what you paid on that trip are right at the same I would pay, except for the eggs. The organic eggs at the grocery store are roughly $4-5 I think. I buy my soy-free eggs from a farmer for about $5.50. I wish you luck on getting more organic foods/produce there!


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