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All Power America 6000w Propane Generator Review

Power outages can be more than a headache for us...

We have a 300' well on an electric pump so when the power goes out, so does our water supply.  We decided this year to be better equip for stormy weather and to find a few solutions to make life a little easier when the power fails.

Eventually, we would love to rebuild and have more sustainable and dependable energy sources, however the initial costs do not seem to pay of for at least 20 years, when you factor in that by 20 years we would likely need maintenance and repairs as well, I'm not sure if it would really pay itself off financially speaking, in our lifetime.

However, we are still looking at the costs and what would be best all around.

For now, we decided on a propane generator.  I did not want diesel or gasoline because of the fumes and having to store these fuels is also risky, not to mention they go bad.  Propane is much cleaner and has no expiry so this was the only choice I felt would work for us...

The Challenge:

Finding a propane generator with enough amp power to run our well pump that didn't cost and arm & a leg.  I don't know very much about this subject so it took a long time and 1 returned generator before we found this one:

The All Power America 6000w Propane Generator

We had ours shipped in to our door here in Newfoundland from Canbuilt in Ontario for less than a local supplier quoted us.

I'll let Zuki take over from here and give his review and demo:

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