Acne Treatments That Work | Give Your Body The Tools To Heal Your Skin

A healthy lifestyle will help to heal your acne 
and other skin conditions.

Drink lots of clean water
Eat lots of simple organic whole foods and as much fresh raw fruits and vegetables as you can.
Use only organic Skincare (remember to use simple organic hair care products 
too as these get on your skin and face)
Use a clean pillowcase every night
If you have long hair, tie it back at night
Wash your skin gently and with simple organic ingredients and clean warm/cool water (not hot) 
& filtered if possible.
Moisturize with organic olive or coconut oil
If you sleep with a pet make sure they are not on flea medications and be sure they too were washed in an organic soap like Dr. Bronner's

Don't drink anything other than water, homemade smoothies or juice with organic fruits and vegetables or organic herbal tea.
Don't eat any refined foods; no wheat flour, no refined starches, no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup. No take-out, breads, boxed cereals & no high glycemic foods. Be sure to eat foods higher in fiber than sugars.
Don't eat dairy and reduce red meats.
Don't eat anything you are allergic to or have a sensitivity to (See a Naturopath (ND) in your area for sensitivity testing if possible) 
Don't wash your facecloths and pillowcases in detergent or fabric softener.
Don't use chemicals on your skin (read ingredients)
Don't use make-up (or at least use only 100% natural certified organic make-up)
Don't stress out. Take a walk every day with a fresh face, know this will pass when your body heals.

What you will need:

Organic Turmeric
Organic Oats
Bentonite Clay
Activated Charcoal
Organic olive oil or coconut oil

Organic whole foods
Filtered water
Coffee Grinder
Shower/faucet filter

Organic Recipes can be found HERE
A great YouTube channel for simple raw food recipes is HERE
High quality organic turmeric, Stevia, Olive oil & any other 
organic herbs & spices can be bought at Mountain Rose Herbs


  1. Great post! Just what I needed today after seeing my skin randomly breaking out today! I don't even want to put my face on camera... Do you know where I can get some organic makeup?

  2. You're face is beautiful! For foundation I recommend Herbal Choice Mari Moisturizing Foundation they have dark skin colors too and lots of healing herbs.
    For a mineral foundation, be sure it is also Talc Free, Bismuth Free
    Paraben Free, Non-micronized & Nano Particle Free, Lead Free and preferably Titanium Dioxide Free. Brands such as Rejuva Minerals, NCN Skincare's Loose Powder Pure Silk Mineral Makeup meet these criteria. If you can splurge, look at Vapour Organic Beauty. You can even try making your own powder foundation by using organic pure cocoa powder or carob powder mixed with a little clay to get the correct tone. If you go to the drop-down menu in the right sidebar (Just above the Berkey water filter ad) there are lots more brands I recommend. :) I don't always recommend every product a company offers, I read the ingredients in each product to be sure that it is pure...Sometimes a company may a a few great products but the rest may not be so good.


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