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Gathering Kelp For Compost | Middle Cove Beach Newfoundland

It was -3C outside but we braved an excursion to the beach for a bucket full of sea veggies to amend our compost pile.

Due to the lack of good vegetation and deciduous leaves, Newfoundlanders have long been using kelp, sea vegetables and Caplin (tiny fish) for garden soil amendments.  

Sea Vegetables/Kelp & Star Fish at Middle Cove Beach
The Beach

Sea vegetables are a fantastic way to build great nutrient-rich soil and works wonders when used in veggie beds and as a top dressing for perennials, and fruit trees. You will often see kelp meal and seaweed fertilizer for sale, but it’s pricey and never seems to be enough.  If you live near the ocean and can gather your own, it can make for a fun day with the family and a cheap way to build great soil.

Sea vegetables offer a ton of nutrients to garden soil, everything from phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium, as well as many trace elements and amino acids.

Our Haul

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