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Zippo Emergency Fire Starter & Hand Warmer Review

Zippo Emergency Fire Starter & Hand Warmer a great little find for any preparedness kit.

I was playing around on Pinterest when I noticed that Zippo had more than just lighters. They have a whole line of outdoor products and everything from pens, to camping gear and some cool new tools being launched this spring - Who knew.

I wrote them requesting more info on the cool new Woodsman and it just so happened that the Marketing rep there was on his way to Newfoundland and set up a meeting with Zuki to show him the new Hand Warmer & Fire Starter - Cool.

Comes in a velvet pouch, has a 2 year warranty and can keep your hands warm for up two 12 hours with just one fill and retails for $19.95

Retails for $9.95 & Refils are just $4.95.  This little waterproof case has a reliable flint wheel ignition which can easily light the water-resistant Waxed Tinder Sticks.

Both items are made in the USA and would make great stocking stuffers or can fit into your emergency kit.

To purchase these please visit: for those in the US and for Canadians.

I will be participating in the Outdoor Gifts Giveaway Event and Zippo will be my Sponsor!

Be sure to check back on November 15th and Enter to win a Zippo EMF & Hand Warmer!

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