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Rags to Riches | Upcycle Old Clothing Into Crochet Treasures

Rags to Riches 
Upcycle old clothing into crochet treasures

I have bags and bags of old clothing - Way beyond repair. I just can't seem to toss the beautiful natural fabrics that I have. Today I started ripping them to shreds and tying them together to make balls of rag yarn. I made a gorgeous simple vintage-style rag scarf in less than an hour today.

How To Make Rag Yarn

I decided to search the web for the best rag crochet patterns and ideas I could find, and ones I would like to make, there are a lot of neat projects so here I will show you just a few I've found:

Tutorial HERE

Crochet Rag Cuff 
(No Tutorial - great inspiration or buy one here)

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