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CocoLibre Organic Coconut Water Review

CocoLibre Organic Coconut Water 
& Organic Coconut Pineapple Water Review

Hidden pristine and protected inside each coconut is nature's elixir. Each refreshing drop contains a natural balance of electrolytes... K, Na, Mg, Ca and P to hydrate and replenish the body's fluids. -CocoLibre

I was very excited to try these organic coconut waters because we can't get organic coconuts here in Newfoundland.  I've heard about the many health benefits of coconut water so when they arrived today I immediately got my camera and gave them a try!

Not bad.  That's my thoughts, I may actually buy some for adding to smoothies but I still prefer to drink plain water.  I have many friends who say they gag on plain water so I think for those who do not want the sugars associated with juices and are looking for a light fresh flavor on their water, CocoLibre would be great!

Check out my review:

Sold in several stores across the US & Canada
Also sold on

Thanks to the CocoLibra crew for sending me two full size products to try!

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