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Fall Gardening | Harvesting Grapes, Reducing Lawn, Gathering Seeds

It's nearing the end of October and we are still harvesting lots of fresh foods from the garden!

This year we have saved hundreds if not a thousand dollars or more by growing our own fresh veggies.  I am still eating a monster salad from the garden every day for lunch - Wow!  

What's even better about growing your own food is that you know exactly how it was grown, handled and what was on it - or not on it, most importantly ;)

With the extended season we have had this year, I have also saved a ton of seeds which will save me even more money next year and I will have hardier plants.

Oh...And stay tuned to the end of my video where I tell you about the award I won :D

Here are the grapes I harvested last week:

I'm not sure of the varieties, they were rescued from a garden in St. John's where the couple were tearing them out. They are about 15 years old and have been growing outside. We planted them next to and tied them up over the arbor and they filled it out quite nicely. I was very surprised to have had such a good harvest this first year after transplanting.

They are a bit tart, juicy and the purple ones have a very concentrated "grapey" flavor. They almost remind me of sour gummies.

Join me in the garden on this beautiful October day:

Our Award:

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