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5 Easy Steps To Wellness

There is no better time than right now to start on a new path to being healthy!

We started on our path to wellness in 1999 and are still enjoying the journey!

Give it a try with these 5 easy steps:

1. Eat clean foods.

When you take on a wellness lifestyle change, eating healthy does not have to be expensive, the money you save when following the next steps can go toward eating better quality foods. 

Remember, that food is your body's fuel...
Your body deserves the best that you can afford and you will feel better for it.

Avoid packaged foods.  Anything that comes pre-packaged is not as healthy as whole pure foods, while convenient, there are also healthier simple choices.  Eating raw fruits & veggies is just as convenient as any packaged food.  Try preparing make ahead meals and freezing them in portion sizes or take advantage of making healthy foods in a crock pot, this way you can come home to a nice hot and healthy meal after work.

How to choose healthy foods:  Go for lots of whole organic fresh fruits and vegetables, pasture raised meats and dairy, look for sprouted organic breads, minimize grains, cereals and packaged foods.  If you want some packaged foods, learn to read the labels and ingredients, avoid products which are not 100% certified organic, especially those containing any form of corn, wheat or soy or you will be eating GMO's.

2. Drink clean water

Stop reaching for sodas or even juice for that matter. Most juice has been pasteurized and refined so even the best organic bottled juices are not as healthy as drinking pure clean water. Drinking anything other than clean water is a waste of money and extra calories...I'd rather eat my calories than drink them.

Look at investing in a high quality water filter and some glass bottles and always keep clean fresh water on hand.

3. Detox your personal care

Ask yourself if you really NEED all of the gunk in your cosmetic bag, bathroom cabinet and on the side of your tub.  Most of the products we use on ourselves contain toxins which interfere with our bodies ability to detox properly, they are absorbed through our skin, are expensive and provide no benefit.  Most products are only masking body odors.  You can spend the money you save minimizing these products on clean healthy foods which detox you from the inside.  You will have better skin and smell better when you are healthy and eat clean.  

Read the ingredients in all of these products.  Toss out any with synthetic ingredients.  Keep your personal care routine simple by going for an all purpose organic soap like Dr. Bronners, you can use it as a bubble bath, body wash, shampoo and it's also great for other things around the house (That's in the next step).  Try making your own cosmetics, it's easy, saves money, you know that it's fresh and many things can be made with ingredients you already have on hand. (Check out the drop-down menu at the top of this page Health-Beauty (Recipes))

And only purchase safe brands of organic cosmetics and skincare like those on the right sidebar  pull down menu of this blog under "Safe Skincare & Cosmetics".  One of my favorites is Herbal Choice Mari as they have a wide range of skincare and cosmetics and even hairspray which are safe, organic & reasonably priced.

4. Detox your home

The indoor air you are breathing and spending many hours sleeping in is probably toxic....And it's your fault!  Air "fresheners" don't freshen air they actually fill it with toxins.  Opening windows freshens air.  Save money by keeping you cleaning products safe and simple.  Dr. Bronners soap, baking soda, vinegar and your favorite organic essential oil  are all the products you need to clean your entire house.  So raid your home - do it now!  And gather up all the chemicals in bottles jars and cans that you have wasted money on over the years and get them out of your house.

Start breathing fresh air by using fresh clean products.  You are only smearing a chemical soup all of your house when you "clean" with commercialized products.

5. Enjoy the process

Don't let your steps to wellness frustrate you or that will defeat the purpose.  Enjoy finding new products that will help you and your family feel better.  Know that every change you make is one step closer to being healthier.  It may seem complicated and frustrating at first when making a lifestyle change but in no time you will realize how much easier it is to live a healthy clean life.  As you fill your body with clean foods, water and air you will feel happier with your life and the decisions you have made to take the path to wellness. 

Remember: Making healthy choice makes you feel good on many levels.  You are giving your body the tools necessary to fight disease, you are spending less money on products by sifting out the ones you don't need and the money you do spend on better foods also supports smaller local farmers and the planet as a whole.

Making a wellness lifestyle change is a win-win-win for everybody :)

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