Easy Way To Take In The Waist Of Pants | No Cutting, No Machine

In about 30 minutes you can take in the waistband
of any pants without cutting the fabric!

No machine necessary.

This is a great alteration for kids clothing as the no-cut method
can be let out as the child grows.

To enlarge instructions
(right click - open link in new tab then zoom in or download)

Need more alterations?

Check out this post for an easy way to add more booty room to your pants

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  1. Great idea!! Especially for kids!! Never thought of doing that

  2. Love it! I know how to hem pants, but never thought of decreasing the waist.

  3. I found it a little bulky. After making the fold, cut it down the middle. Sew a regular seam, open to flatten will provide less bulk.

  4. It's quite confusing...

    1. I'm a seamstress and came across this crazy video! Can you not see how Awful that looks?! You can definitely see it bunched up and looks horrible. Please do not tell people this is an alteration. It looks really tacky. You should not make videos about subjects that you don't know the first thing about. I hope you didn't wear those pants in public. I can't believe people make videos about things that they have no clue the correct way to do garment alterations. I hope no one takes your advise because it looks Horrible. I'm sorry I had to say something. Learn to see the correct way. Not this hillbilly alterations.


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