Hurricane Leslie Newfoundland Aftermath | Photos & Video

Sorry for not posting Tasty Tuesday yesterday but we were 
battered by hurricane Leslie.

Our power was restored this morning and Leslie was a good wake-up call for our preparedness strategy.  We have a 300' well for our water supply, and we are not close any other water source.  For us, this is the most difficult part of losing power, not having any water.

Zuki is out shopping now for a propane generator as we feel this is a better option to a gasoline model because propane has a longer shelf life and burns cleaner.  Eventually, we would like to have a more sustainable source of alternative power but because we do plan on moving, we don't want to invest in alternative energy for our current home.

Anyway, we were very lucky, no one was injured and we did not sustain any damage to our home or vehicles, we lost a stand of spruce trees, pretty much all of our corn, most of the grapes, peas and squash plants but everything is standing even our arbor and trellis - YEA! And our lone old rooster "Combie" while a little skittish he was tucked away all cozy in his coop and made out just fine :)

Other's were not so lucky...

Here are some scenes from the aftermath of Leslie here in Newfoundland:

Here's our little video of the hurricane in our garden:


  1. Wow--I'm glad you are safe. Having lived most of my life near the Gulf of Mexico coast, I have seen the damage a hurricane can cause. Take care.

  2. We usually get the tail end of the hurricanes up here and they are not too bad, loosing water is the worst part. But we are all safe - Thanks :)

  3. We were lucky up on the Bonavista Peninsula, no power cuts and no damage, so unlike Igor

  4. Excellent! So glad you were all safe and sound :)


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