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Innova OBD Car Code Reader Demo & Review | Automotive

Review & demo of the Innova OBD Car Code Reader

Owning your own code reader can save you time and money when something goes amiss with your automobile. Taking it to a mechanic to have the codes read will likely cost you $60 or more not to mention time and fuel.  Purchased on sale for about $70 at Canadian Tire (Regular Price is $119.00) it can pay for itself in no time.  One reader can read multiple makes and models of vehicles so you can help out family, friends and neighbors as well.

This little reader gave me the code which I then looked up online and found it was a misfire on cylinder 3 code.  There was some liquid around the spark plug on cylinder 3, we cleaned it out, replaced the plugs and set up for a compression test because of the head issue with the Canyon/Colorado/H3...Dealer tests came back fine - No head issues.

Product Specs:
Single code digital display, tells what is wrong within 15 seconds
Patented all-in-one display shows 19 vital pieces of information
Works on 1996 and newer domestic, Asian and European vehicles.

Buy on Amazon: & see the 288 customer reviews:

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