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Fantastic Beading & Bead-Weaving Website With LOADS Of FREE Patterns!

I was so excited when I stumbled across this fantastic beading site.

Yes, it's in Russian but it translates very well and has loads and loads of free beading patterns!

Everything from simple to intricate jewelry; bracelets, necklaces, rings - you name it...To beaded toys, cute critters, animals, fruits and veggies which can make great pendants, Christmas ornaments or key-chains. There are even free patterns for cute little beaded bonsai trees, flowers, even insects, handbags and more! If you love beading, you could literally spend hours on this site - I have :)
Here are just a few of my favs:

Author Biserok February 14, 2010 
Two variants of weaving jewelry from beads. Very simple technique, and in a short time you will be able to weave these ornaments. Detailed and clear diagrams of weaving a necklace or bracelet of beads and crystals. Rainbow Decoration can be used as a bracelet on his arm.

Author Biserok March 1, 2010 

Pearl bracelet as its weave: Bracelet "Fordan" gossip first bracelet of beads, pearls, and two colors of beads.And second of crystals and beads. Clear scheme weaving bracelets for independent work. Bracelet free-form green Materials: - waxed thread, delicate lace ...

Author Biserok March 6, 2010 

Decoration in daisies decoration with stones scheme weaving delicate necklace or bracelet of beads and beads. For the first version of the product you need gold beads, white and light green beads. The second option of a gold bracelet gossip and purple beads with embedded

Author Biserok May 4, 2012 

Bracelet in gold-copper tones necessary material for the bracelet: - № 11 beads in five colors and shades that blend with each other - № 8 beads copper color, or any of your choice - glass beads 5 mm long, copper-colored - square copper beads color measuring about 4 mm

Author Biserok August 22, 2010 

Colorful bracelets wide cabin. You can choose different colors of beads and invent a unique pattern, the width of the bracelet gives you this opportunity.Second bracelet woven from fine and coarse chopping and decorated beads. Detailed and clear scheme Bead....

Author Biserok June 15, 2010 

Bracelets of beads scheme weaving: Monastic weaving takes quite a lot of time. If you need, for example, quickly weave a gift for a friend's birthday, you can make a few small pieces of this technique, and hold them beaded low. So you get: ...

Author Biserok June 14, 2010 

Very cute colorful bangles bracelets shemki Chinese Journal of beading. Most importantly, the weave bracelets are very easy and fast, and the result is pretty bracelets of colored glass beads. Smart and beaded belt with teeth of beads. ...

Author Julia August 6, 2012 

Delicate branches of birch are fascinating and eye-catching. Poets and writers have always glorified in his works, the white birch. Today we wake up to create a Russian wood. The height of our Birch Birch Bead is 40 cm for the work we need the following materials: ...

Author Biserok September 16, 2012

Little Fawn bead Looking at this nice deer just remember the cartoon "Bambi." Miniature figurines of bulk crystals will please not only you but also the children. Trudges fawn based fullerene (balls).Materials required for the work: - glass beads bikonusnye ...

Author Biserok 9 March 2010 

Green turtle Lizards Lizards are as bright and colorful as a butterfly. But they can be green, blending in with the grass. Choose a color for the beaded lizard you can own. Weaving scheme of this jewelry is very simple, so graceful beaded lizard makes things possible. And then ...

Author Biserok March 6, 2010 

Brown puppies for weaving puppy you need to take: - beads brown - 3 round beads for eyes and nose - monofilament netting scheme: Grey Dog Watchdog needed beads and material: - gray-blue crystals - white crystals - red crystals - 6. ..

Author Biserok March 21, 2011 

Ornaments for eggs wide variety of beautiful ornaments and drawings for braiding eggs for Easter.The first stage of weaving glass beads for Easter eggs - a beaded belt. Better to take a wooden blank egg-shaped (Fig. 110). To cover it with beads, it is necessary to put on ...

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