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Recipes Using Lots Of Green Leafy Vegetables

An abundant harvest is always a gardeners dream, but what do you do with an overabundance of delicate green leafy vegetables?

I've given lots of them away to friends and family, fed them to my pet chicken and am eating them up in daily salads, garden veggie fou young and even sauteing them.

Here are a few ways I am trying to use up the leafy greens in my garden:

I just tried this last night, simply saute all sorts of garden greens - Yes lettuce too! ...In a generous amount of olive oil & butter, a touch of celtic salt & pepper than top with a shaving of organic Parmesan cheese.

This is an excellent way to eat a ton of veggies, all different varieties from the garden.
Not much good for lettuce but works with firmer greens

Can be made and frozen using any large leafy green

Tasty chips can be made from any leafy green without a dehydrator
Although not the most unique thing to do, eating a daily salad is good for you and helps use up those greens.

This has to be my favorite way to eat fresh garden salad...
And the wrap breads are homemade too!

Please, I need more ideas on how the heck to use up all of my greens, especially lettuce!

I would love for you to post a comment and leave links to your recipes that help use up an 
abundance of leafy greens.

(lettuces, rapini, kale, spinach, chinese cabbage ...)

Thanks :)

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