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Don't Pick The Berries In Newfoundland

Berries are a staple food for many here in our province. 

Many people depend on the wild berries of Newfoundland as a source of healthy food and even income.

Lucky for me, I live in an area away from the spray. 

The spraying of Tordon 101, a toxic and very persistent pesticide has gone ahead despite the many citizens who are concerned about the human and environmental health effects of this dangerous chemical.

Please help by joining these Facebook pages, and please be very careful if you live in, or are traveling through Newfoundland in the next 10 years.  

DON'T Pick the Berries!

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Poster by Liz Solo

Please be sure to find an area as far away from the pole lines and roadways being sprayed as possible.  
Do not pick berries near areas sprayed with Tordon 101.

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