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Congrats To Mom In Her New Naturopathic Business

She doesn't know I'm posting this but even though we live in the same province and talk on the phone daily, 
she still reads my blog every day...

So I'm smirking to myself as I write this wondering what she will think when she see's this post. Teehee

Mom has spent many years helping the families of sick and dying animals teaching them the path to wellness, helping them through tough health issues and for many of them, becoming well again and leading wonderful full and healthy lives. 

Healthy living for both pets and people has been a passion of Mom's for a long time.  A few years ago, she decided to expand her qualifications and although in her mid 50's she wen't back to school to get her ND.

She has now completed her courses and her work term and is in the process of setting up her new practice, "The Place of Natural Healing"

From pets to people she will lead you in the path to health and wellness.

Life is good!

Congrats to Mom!
(Carolann Hamilton)

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