How to Harvest Spinach Seeds | Build Stronger Plants & Save Money

Harvesting your own seeds from your garden's plants, 
not only saves you money
it also provides you with seeds which will provide stronger plants more suited
to your climate and soil conditions.

You can still eat the leaves from the spinach, just be careful not to harm the stem.  Let the plant flower, and then watch for seeds, when the stem is dry simply cut the stem and remove the seeds.

Gathering seeds from your biggest, earliest and strongest plants will give you healthier and 
stronger future plants. 


  1. I love saving seeds, great video!

  2. Thanks! :) What are you harvesting this year? It's been a wonderfully plentiful summer, making up for last year :) I gathered 42 tomatoes yesterday and am still eating salad greens, zucchini are popping up everywhere and I have so many peas I think I'm going to try making wasabi peas to store for the winter. We are still picking about 1/2 cup of raspberries a day, have about 5 lbs in the freezer, blueberries are amazing! What a yummy year! :D


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