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The Leaky Collection | ZuluGrass Multi-strand Bracelet Review & Giveaway (Closed)

Stunning fair-trade, natural, sustainable 
multi-strand bracelet from:

This honestly has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of natural jewelry I own...
I am in love with this product line!  

It goes with almost anything! The colors and combination of natural grass beads with a little sparkle from the glass beads makes it suitable for both casual and dressy occasions
These beautiful products are handmade from Zulugrass in Kenya, the grass grows naturally with a hole in it and is hard and durable, often used in the furniture industry because of its strength. The Leaky Collection offers employment opportunity to over 1,400 Kenyans depending on the season. Assembly of products for The Leakey Collection in Kenya is done in a non- factory setting. Women work under the acacia trees whenever work is needed in the Rift Valley. Work sites are set up only when invited into a community by Maasai women and the elders.

All materials used by The Leakey Collection are environmentally sustainable, only fallen dead wood is used to maintain the earth friendly element. The environmentally sustainable harvest of the grass also works to preserve the wetlands since the communities no longer need to burn the grass, which cattle do not eat, so harvesting the grass makes room for the other grasses that cattle do eat.

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August 3-17, 2012. 

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