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Make a 4 Leg Dog Coat DIY FREE PATTERN | Upcycle Old Clothes & Socks!

Make your own 4 legged dog coat for any size dog 
with this free pattern!

Print this pattern and scale to fit your own dog by measuring the length from tail joint to back of neck then scale up the pattern (be sure to allow for seam & hemming space), print it and tape the sheets together, cut out the pieces and follow these directions:

Click to enlarge:

How to scale: For example...
Measure from base of neck to just above tail joint (zipper area) (Scale Length)
  • If your dog is 5 1/2 inches long each square will scale to 1/2"
  • If your dog is 11" long each square will scale to 1"
  • If your dog is 16 1/2" long each square will be 1.5" 
  • If your dog is 22" long each square will scale to  2"

Step 1
Choose the fabric you will use for this project, fabric with a little stretch such as fleece will be more forgiving. You will also need some 3" ribbed cuffs or elastic material for finishing the cuffs on the legs. You will also need 1 zipper the length of your dog's back.

Step 2
Fold the material in half to cut out each of the 4 legs and the body, bend the fabric at the bend lines as indicated in the pattern.

Step 3
Once all pieces are cut out, you can hem the edges of each piece to keep things tidy if you like.

Step 4
Trim the UNDER side to the correct length (across point A1) for a male or female dog by measuring from the underside of the dog's neck down along the belly to his/her privates.

Step 5
Sew the UNDER side to the body at the points as indicated in the pattern, be sure not to sew the arc sections as these will make the leg holes.

Step 6
Sew each leg together as indicated in the pattern

Step 7
Flatten the legs with the seam side facing inward and the arc facing outward, tilt the bottom front legs on a 45 degree angle out toward the front, and the rear legs in a slight angel toward the back and pin the arcs together.

Pic for reference only, this pic is not to scale.

Step 8 
Sew all 4 legs together along the arcs.

Step 9
(optional) add elastic into the rear-inside-bottom arc of the leg holes for a better fit.

Step 10
Cut the seam for the zipper down the middle of the back leaving 1.5" from the neck & sew in the zipper.

Step 11
Add the neck and leg cuffs.

You can also double up this coat by making one in fleece to fit the dog and another a little larger in a nylon material, then sew the two together so that both inside seam works are against each other, then sew in the zipper, neck and leg cuffs.

Please leave your feedback
Let me know how it worked out for you...
I would love to see pics of your little ones in their new coats!

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