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Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

GMO Mosquitoes - Suicidal Science

Genetically modified mosquitoes designed to "kill" their offspring with a terminator gene are now being released into our environment.  Being someone who suffers with allergic reactions from the little buggers you would have to think I would be bowing down to the creators of the Terminator Mosquito, life without mosquitoes would be fantastic! -Or would it?

Heck No!

Life without mosquitoes is an unlikely scenario, the reality is that GMO's have not been successful in plants to date, so who the heck thinks this is going to be safe for humans and the environment?

From Super weeds to super bugs?  What the heck are they breeding?!

If it's not bad enough that GMO plants have been cross pollinating with wild plants to produce super bugs and super weeds and ultimately contaminating our planet with human-engineered species of plants which are now showing advese affects on human health and the environment; but they are now releasing an insect that has been modified with a terminator gene, an insect that has the ability to survive just about anywhere on this planet...It's damn scary stuff!

The dreaded mosquitoes are actually very important to the ecological balance of our planet, they are a food source to many animals, including frogs, birds, fish, bats, other insects, and even carnivorous plants.  The species that eat hundreds of mosquitoes every day, will not only struggle without mosquitoes but what they heck could happen to them if they eat "terminator mosquitoes", and what the heck could happen to us if we eat the fish that ate the terminator mosquitoes? Sheesh...

Like something out of a sci-fi movie, we could have super human-eating plants or crazy killer bats! 
Unlikely - But more inconspicuous yet detrimental effects are inevitable.

"There was an old lady who swallowed a fly, I don't know why she followed a fly...
Perhaps she'll die."

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