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How To Cut Decorate & Carry Deviled Eggs | Not The Typical Method

Every occasion or event I'm invited to, I'm asked to bring my delicious deviled eggs...

The problem is, I don't have an egg container with a lid.  Carrying them on an egg platter doesn't always work out well and I have to figure out a way to cover them.

This year I decided to cut them differently and carry them in the egg carton.  The organic eggs at our grocery store come in a plastic carton with an insert in the lid that can easily be removed leaving me with a nice blank carton.

Deviled eggs are typically cut vertically, and won't fit into the carton, I decided to cut them horizontally and it worked out perfectly!

This way, not only do they fit neatly back in the carton, but I don't have to wait to get my egg platter returned from the event... They can just toss the egg carton or reuse it themselves afterward.

Making Deviled Eggs:

6 large hard boiled organic grass fed eggs. 
Peel and slice eggs in half horizontally with the pointy end facing up.
Carefully pop the 12 yolk halves out into a food processor then add:
3 TBS organic mayo (Recipe here)
1 TBS organic mustard
1 TBS organic ketchup
Pinch of Celtic salt

Blend on high speed until smooth and creamy.

Decorate your eggs:

To save on cleaning time, cut a tiny slit off the corner of a sandwich bag and insert a large hole star tip for a pastry bag, secure the coupler just as you would on a pastry bag. Fill the pastry bag with 1/2 of the creamy yolk mixture.

Place all the egg halves into the plastic egg carton, please don't use cardboard cartons for this.

Pipe 6 of the eggs then refill your baggie with the remainder of the yolk mix and pipe the final 6 eggs.
Sprinkle with a little cayenne or paprika, insert a toothpick into each and voila!

Beautiful,and tasty deviled eggs in a secure container...The eggs won't roll about and you don't have to bring it back home.

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