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Meatless Bologna Recipe "Egglonie" | Nitrate Free Bologna Alternative

MMMM Fried Bologna a.k.a "Newfie Steak"

A staple food growing up, it's hard to forget the smell of the little fried bolognie "hats" sizzling in the pan. Served with just about anything, breakfast, a supper side dish or just with ketchup as a snack, fried bologna was a staple food growing up here in Newfoundland.

I still get cravings for the popular deli meat but knowing (or not really knowing) what sort of junk meats and preservatives including nitrates are in the little slices of pink deli "meat" has made me steer clear of it for many years.  I decided I just had to come up with a bologna flavor in a healthier way in order to fix my breakfast cravings...And I did it!...Well to my liking anyway.

Here is an organic egg-based breakfast "omlet", which to me, tastes enough like bologna that I no longer miss the nasty fried meat on my breakfast plate...I like to call it:


1 serving of egglonie:
2 organic eggs
1 TBS pasture raised feta cheese
1 heaping teaspoon of organic salsa
a few cracks of organic black pepper
a hefty pinch of celtic salt
a pinch of organic garlic powder

Beat all the ingredients together and fry in organic butter or olive oil as you would any omelet...


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