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How To Freeze Greens | Preserving Greens

Make your own serving size frozen greens.

It's hard to get great greens in the winter, especially in northern areas.  This year I had an overabundance of rapini, chard, turnip tops, mustard and Chinese cabbage varieties.

Aside from making freezer meals with your greens by stuffing them like cabbage rolls or adding them to soups or stews to freeze, you can freeze them in tidy portion size pieces. 

I love a good feed of turnip tops or other good organic "greens" with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and the only way I'll get them here is if I preserve them for the winter.

I've tried several methods and I find that cutting them up in portion size "rounds" make it much easier to steam them for future use.

This can be done with any firm leafy green vegetable:

Beet tops, radish tops, turnip tops, broccoli leaves, cabbages, mustard, kale...

  • First clean your greens well, slugs & stones are no fun between your teeth :)
  • Fill a pot with good filtered water and add a hefty pinch of Celtic salt
  • Prepare a bath of cold filtered water in your sink. 
Drop your cleaned greens into the boiling water, cover and blanch for 30 seconds to 2 minutes (No more)

Immediately drain and dunk into cold water to stop the cooking.
Gather up the greens by the bunch and squeeze them out,
I like to form a 4" round by 12" long "log" of greens.
I lay them on the cutting board and squeeze them together very tight. 

I then cut the 12" length into 4 sections 
so that each bunch of tightly squeezed greens is a perfect portion size.
Place 4 servings in each baggie push out as much of the air as you can, 
seal the bag and pop in the freezer. 
(while I do prefer glass, greens are much more prone to frostbite in glass containers)

I still have turnip tops from last years harvest 
which are still frost-bite free and delicious!

To cook your frozen greens, simply pop one serving into a pot with boiling water, place the lid on and cook for another 3 minutes...Usually, when I am boiling veggies for a cooked dinner, I will simply put the frozen rounds of greens in the pot with everything else and cover 3 or 4 minutes before serving.

Or you can just thaw them out at room temperature and eat as-is.

Enjoy your greens all winter long :)

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