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Brigit True Organics Skincare Review

Wait until you see the results of their Magic Skin Balm!

Brigit True Organics (BTO) is a woman-owned skin care company based in Charlottesville Virginia. They offer a complete line of natural skin care crafted freshly, in-house with organic highest quality ingredients. Organic virgin olive oil, organic herbs, and organic plant essences. They are tree nut oil free and are cruelty free and are made of food grade ingredients, making all of their products safe enough to eat. 

They sent ma a nice sampling of their product line, and boy are we pleased with her line...
Especially the magic skin balm!

To See the amazing results of the Magic Skin Balm 
you can jump to 16:00 in the video

To purchase this great line of products, you can visit her website at
or you can purchase on-line in my Amazon Safe Store

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