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Zimt Real Raw Organic Chocolate | Review

Zimt Artisan Chocolates are Handmade in Canada!

These real raw chocolates are not only handmade but are vegan, organic and fair trade chocolate. 

Truly raw, coconut nectar sweetened, organic, and eco-friendly (right down to the packaging!) ever since their company began in 2010, Amma and her family are proud to offer you the most ethical chocolate available.

Zimt Founder, Emma (learn more on the Zimt ABOUT page)

With demand increasing, Emma's family is kindly offering their time, talent, and treasures to helping the company grow- Mom, Oma, Auntie, Michelle (Emma's cousin), and Emma can be found in the kitchen making and wrapping your chocolate with love.

With nine current flavors available, retailing for $5.00cdn/bar there is something for everyone. I had the opportunity to try five of the flavors, Chocolate 67%, Chocolate Nib'd, Peppermint Nib'd, Sweet Orange Nib'd and the Kaffee Chocolate.

The other flavors sound so fabulous, I will definitely have to try them in the future.  They are, Chocolate Coconut Crisp, Chocolate Coconut Fudge, Sugar & Spice and Salt of the Earth.

The chocolate can be enjoyed just by smelling it!  It is so richly scented you can almost taste it before it touches your lips.  It melts to a smooth rich and creamy texture when it hits your mouth, the Nib'd varieties have a nice little crunch with a bittersweet bite.

These would be fabulous shaved over a summer dessert or drink, and are rich enough to be served one block at a time with some fresh berries and a sprig of mint.

Give Emma and her family some love back 
and try their outstanding line of artisan chocolates
at Zimt.caVisit them on Facebook too!

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