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Looking for organic ethical accessories?

Leather may be a "natural" substance but there are many issues to take into consideration when purchasing leather products.

Most leather comes from factory farmed "tortured" cattle who are slaughtered for meat or "spent" worn-out dairy cows who no longer produce enough milk to be profitable. These animals often suffer a lifetime of cruelty and confinement.

Not only is the practice of factory farmed animals for leather cruel, the chemicals used in the tanning process are often quite toxic...In addition, formaldehyde, chromium, arsenic, and cyanide-based dyes and finishes are then added to the leather.  This toxic slurry poses serious threats to both the environment and human health.  Factory farmed leather saturated with toxic chemicals makes most leather far from a "natural" material.

When founder of Organic Leather, Rowan Gabrielle first came up with the concept of creating safe ethical leather products in 2002 there was no organic leather any where to be found. After several years of research, she managed to find people tanning leather in traditional 100% organic ways, using natural materials to cure, preserve and tan leather,such as bark tannins, plant tannins and lime.  They then use only natural oil to add a beautiful rich finish to it.

Their organic leather is free from the nasties such as chrome, metal, formalhyde, sodium sulphide, glutaraldenhyde and sulphuric acid which are all usually found in conventional tanned leathers and tanneries.

Their leather comes form organic cattle, raised on open pasture lands for meat. Using the leather from ethically raised meat allows for full utilization of the animal. The farms they work with are all certified organic and treat animals with respect. Organic Leather is a strong supporter and promoter of small family farms and businesses, they also ensure that the farmers adhere to high moral and ethical principles of animal welfare.

Each handmade piece is created with recycled silver and organic leather by artisans
 in Bali & Lebanon 

Healthy Animals - Humane Practices - Harmless Finishes - Happy People

I had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing a set of 7 Union Bangles in dark brown.
A wonderfully simple marriage of sterling silver and a rather distinguished British organic leather – two interlocking circles – nothing more nothing less.

Made from organic leather and recycled sterling silver available in 3 sizes and in the colors: Black, Dark Brown, & Brown.

Check them out:

Winner Announced

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The Union Bangles Can be worn with their beautiful 
Silver Charms for a personalized look.
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