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Organic Everything Spice Recipe | A Spicy Sesame Seed Blend | Tastes Great On Everything

Pantry cleaning time is a great chance to throw all your 
organic herbs & spices together with some seeds to make a healthy and tasty spice blend for daily use on everything.

I love this mixture of spices, plus sesame seeds give a nice boost of calcium to any dish.
There's no real recipe as such, use what you have on hand and what flavors you like...

For my standard "Everything Spice"...

I purchase all of my organic herbs, spices and seeds at Mountain Rose Herbs.

I use this spice in soups, stews, chili, on roasted vegetables, meat....on Everything.

This is all approximate...

In a large mason jar place:
Organic sesame seeds, 
Then a few spoonfuls each of organic cayenne, onion powder & flakes, garlic granules, parsley, dandelion  and oregano, chili powder and turmeric or curry, poppy seeds, hemp seeds, celtic salt.

Shake well and sprinkle on anything and everything.

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