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Paleo Wheat | Einkorn From Jovial

I recently discovered a very interesting line of products from Italy made with only the freshest organic ingredients.  

What's pretty interesting about this line is that they grow and use Einkorn wheat for their products.

I wasn't even quite sure myself what exactly Einkorn wheat was, and when I started reserching this ancient plant I was pretty amazed. Einkorn is the "mother of all wheat", an original ancient grain even found in the stomach of the 5,300 year old mummy of Ötzi the Iceman found in the Italian Alps showed his stomach partially filled with einkorn wheat.

" Einkorn was a genetically simple grain consisting of only 14 chromosomes and put quite simply was rubbish to bake with. However, the Natufians must have enjoyed einkorn porridge because they began to cultivate the ancient grain.

It is believed that einkorn then cross pollinated with goat grass, resulting in a more genetically complex grain known as emmer. With the chromosomes of einkorn and goat grass, emmer had 24 chromosomes. Einkorn and emmer were the most popular forms of wheat for some thousands of years until another case of cross pollination; emmer bred with another grass, Triticum tauschii giving us the closest link to modern wheat, a 42 chromosome Triticum aestivim, which was then selectively bred and genetically altered to give us the thousands of wheat varieties that we know today.
It is this chain of genetic events that has changed the gluten proteins in the grains we eat today from the simple einkorn of yester year. 

As the varieties of wheat became more genetically diverse so did the number and variety of glutens within the grain, resulting in a grain containing considerably more destructive gluten than its' ancient counterparts."

What's even more interesting besides the fact that this ancient grain is acceptable for paleo diets, is that studies are now being done and suggest this wheat may even be tollorable and possibly safe for those with gluten intolerance.


Jovial offers a full line of organic foodsbased on ancient grains and traditions...From simple yet scrumptious heirloom-style cookies to pasta, flour and even glass bottled organic tomato with only 1 ingredient - organic tomatoes!

This great line of organic products can be ordered on-line through 

You can visit their website to see their complete line of goodies at

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