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Potlifter Review | Lift Up To 200lbs

"It's neat little invention - I like it!" -Zuki

Who would have thought that a colorful set of straps and handles would make heavy lifting projects so much easier? - Even for one.  While recommended for use by two people, Zuki demonstrates that the Potlifter makes it a much easier task to lift heavy objects even if you don't have a buddy to help.

Packaged neatly in it's own drawstring weatherproof bag, the tidy little Potlifter has a 200lb capacity and can extend to surround an object up to 7 feet in circumference.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Potlifter would be great for 
landscape contractors as well as homeowners or DIYers.

See Zuki using it in a one-man show - no "buddies" needed...
Because you know they are rarely around when you need them - teehee.

Available in stores throughout the USA and Canada or you can

Also Available in my Amazon Store!

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