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Newfoundland Food Distributers Changing Their Story Yet Again

In one of my past vlogs, I explained my concerns over the claims of organic local beef from Newfoundland Food Distrubuters.  
Recently, I was contacted by our local news paper about my concerns and they wrote an article interviewing both Newfoundland Food Distrubuters (NFD) along with Stan Tobin ( A local farmer who pasture raises beef in an organic manor)

Back in February, NFD were selling "local organic beef" through a Groupon.  After questioning the organic claims on the beef, and after taking quite a run-around from this company, I was told via email from them that "some" of the beef was organic from Stan Tobin.  

Now the story has changed, Stan Tobin told the Telegram that "the company approached him prior to last year’s group buy about his beef, but he never did get the specifics on an order and didn’t sell any of his product to the distributor."

So therefore my only conclusion is the NFD out-and-out lied to me in their email and on their Facebook page, which has since been shut down.  

NFD now markets their beef as "local" and are no longer claiming organic on recent Groupons or on their website. Nowhere do they say that the beef is imported...yet...wait now, here is what they tell the Telegram..."Bon Rideout, president of Newfoundland Food Distributors, said he brings in organic beef from time to time from an Ontario packing company, and otherwise, is supporting local farmers in the province."

So what the heck are they selling? Local organic? Local? or now Organic from Ontario?

For me, the bottom line is developing a trustworthy relationship with a company or farmer.  Lying to a potential customer, changing your story and making claims about your products without showing proof of any of the claims does not gain anyone's trust in my opinion.

I choose to purchase beef from Stan Tobin, while not certified organic, his beef is raised on pastures grown in an organic manor, I can speak with him directly, he only uses certified organic feed if one chooses to have the cattle "finished" on grain, which I do not recommend as a biologically appropriate diet for cattle is grass not grain, but the option is available for those who would like it.

If you care about what you eat, then take the time to ask questions and be sure you get sufficient answers before making any purchase.  What the animal eats, drinks, is injected with and how it's processed can all affect the quality of food you eat.

If you would like to purchase meat from Stan, he can be reached at:
709-745-4249 or 709-227-1894

Beef is sold by the quarter, and is much more economical to purchase directly from the farmer, The beef will be cut to your specifications, For those unaware of what cuts of meat are available from a quarter here is a general guide to help you...

Front Quarter: Roast & Rib Lovers
On a 150 lb front quarter you will take home approximately 100 lbs of actual meat.
(Size at time of slaughter may vary)

3 or 4 - 3 lb. Chuck Roasts 
3 or 4 - 3 lb. Arm Roasts 
Approximately 15 lbs. of Rib Section that may be cut as Rib Steaks and/or Rib Roasts 
3 or 4 Chuck Steaks 
4 lbs. of Stew Beef 
4 x 2.5 lb. pkgs. of Short Ribs 
4 Neck Soup Bones 
Approximately 40 lbs. of Ground Beef in 1 lb. pkgs.

Hind Quarter: Steak Lovers
On a 150 lb. hind quarter you will take home approximately 95 lbs of meat. 
(Size at time of slaughter may vary)

20 Steaks total divided among the Sirloin, Porterhouse, and T-Bone Steaks 
(OR strips steaks and whole tenderloin) 
10 lbs. of Top Round that can be cut as Roasts, Steaks, and/or London Broil 
2 or 3 - 3 lb. Rolled Rump Roasts 
2 - 3 lb. Sirloin Tip Roasts 
16 Cube Steaks 
4 Shank Soup Bones 
4 or 5 lbs. of Stew Beef 
Approximately 35 lbs. of Ground Beef in 1 lb. pkgs.

*You can also request to keep organs and additional bones at no extra cost...This is often good for dog treats or for making soups.

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