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Bedol Water Powered Clock Review | It Runs On Water | Batteries Not Included

It may not walk on water but it sure does run on water!
What runs on water, will keep great time and batteries are not included?

When I saw this little clock, I thought - what the heck? No batteries? Even solar and wind-up clocks have batteries...How the heck does this thing work?

So I wrote the company and they sent me one to see for myself and it's freakin' cool!

First I thought I may have to water my clock every day or something, but it's easier to take care of than a houseplant! You only need to change the water once every 6 months to a year!

The Squirt Alarm Clock resembles a small splash of water. It features a daily or hourly alarm and easy to set 12 hour or 24 hour clock. It keeps perfect time without requiring any batteries! That's super-cool. Using the ions in water the amazing Bedol Water Clock technology converts water into clean energy power. Never need to buy a battery again - neat. 

The large crisp display, while not back-lit is still very visible even in low-light conditions:

Take a look and the un-boxing and set-up and even hear the alarm on this cute little water-powered clock:

I really love this clock and it's super cool water-only technology!  Great preparedness product and for everyday use! Thanks to Bedol for being Super-cool!

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