Blue Lump On Forearm | Superficial Blood Clot Or Lipoma

About 2 years ago I went to my doctor with a 
lump in my forearm. 
He felt it was a superficial blood clot,
didn't seem very concerned and left it at that.

There is no pain at all in this lump, no heat or swelling either.  It does not seem to be attached to anything under the skin and is blue-ish in color.

Since that time the lump has slowly grown to twice the size.  It is now the size of a green pea but more flat and sort of firm but not hard, perhaps more like the size and texture of a cooked lentil...ok strange comparison, I know.  If it wasn't for the color I would think it would more likely be a lipoma.

Everything I have read about superficial blood clots say they go away withing a few weeks, tend to be tender, hot or can have after having this lump for about 2 years, with none of the other symptoms, I wonder what it could be? I may get another opinion sometime this summer, but for now, I'm just putting it out there for opinions. :)
Sorry for the baggy sweats but I'm leaning for the camera :)


  1. I had a very similar lump on the same place on my arm but it wasn't bluish. Had it removed and it was a lipoma. A few years later had the same sort of lump on my shoulder. No color to it either but it was an angiolipoma. The doctor said that it was a lipoma fed by a lot of blood vessels. Maybe that is why your lump appears bluish?
    Neither lump bothered me. I just wanted to have them removed before they got too large.

  2. Thanks Lisa! I'm leaning towards lipoma as well but the blue color has me thrown off a bit, I have a lipoma in my leg and I've looked though so many photos and never found a blueish one. Hopefully that's all it is, I would like to try homeopathics first but if it gets much bigger I may want it removed as well.

  3. Did this salve help your lipoma at all? I had one on my arm before but now I seem to develop two more. Please let me know the results after a month. Thanks!

  4. Replies
    1. Several Doctors and one specialist have said it appears to be a lipoma.

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