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Homeopathic remedies are a must-have 
in our medicine chest.

My mother who has been using homeopathy for human and pet health for many years, is now a Naturopathic practitioner with only a short time to go before getting her ND.

I have learned much about the amazing abilities of homeopathic remedies over the years, especially after seeing them work so wonderfully on my animals.

We have been focusing on preparedness and have been working on our strategies to stock our home with supplies in case of any emergencies.  One very important part of our plan was to find a convenient homeopathic kit which could be easy to take anywhere with us.

That's when I found Mary Aspinwall and her store Homeopathy World.

Mary has not only designed some fantastic homeopathic kits, she is the author of “Basic Guide to Homeopathy”  Editor of “The Clinical Medicine Guide”, a regular columnist for Homeopathy Today magazine, an expert contributor for Homeopathy Radio and Natural News and has over 17 years of experience in her full time homeopathic practice.

New to Homeopathic remedies? - No worries...
Mary offers many completely free resources on her site including:
a free online course on Homeopathy 
free full 3 module course with the purchase of any kit
free e-book Homeopathy
free e-book Homeopathy for Pregnancy
free monthly Q&A teleconference where you can speak directly with Mary
You’ll also be able to search lots of very practical, user-friendly posts on her blog.

Have a look at her wonderful line of compact convenient kits:
Each kit comes in it's own case and has multiple uses.
A booklet is contained in each kit explaining the basics of each remedy...
Free Flat Rate Worldwide Shipping or $7 Expedited Shipping per Order! 
There are no hidden costs when you shop with Homeopathy World
Kits range from $54.99 - $79.99 
If used and cared for correctly, these kits can provide a life-time supply of remedies!

My Review:

If you're looking to learn more about homeopathy, take a free course, speak with Mary or purchase on of these great kits with FREE worldwide shipping...Visit Homeopathy World

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