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5 Great Ways To Give A Belated Gift

 5 Great Ways to give a gift a little bit late
Plus fab finds for Mom!

Internet shopping can be a little tricky, often times when you think to order something, it's too late for it to be delivered on time. Depending on where you live, there is often much more variety and much less hassle to order gifts on the internet, not to mention a fantastic way to send gifts to loved ones living far away.

5 great ways to give a gift a little "late":

Simply send an e-gift card from their favorite store.

Send an e-card and attach a photo of the gift that is on the way.

Send a small package with something homemade and print 
a little photo of the gift which is on the way.

Buy a little gag gift like a cheap dollar store ring 
Have a little message attached with a photo of the "real" gift
Wait to see the look on their face when you give them the lovely "gag" gift :D

Here are just a few of my past fav's that would 
make a great gift for Mom:

If you want to do something extra special for Mom try making her a special gift...Take a look through my many recipes and skincare recipes (under Health-Beauty --Recipes) for ideas!

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