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Bug Blaster 100% Nontoxic Pest Control

Looking for an organic way to get rid of aphids 
and other garden pests?

The Bug Blaster is a specially designed wand using only water to blast away pesky insects including aphids, whiteflies, mealy bugs, spider mites and even molds.

The Bug Blaster is a wand with a nozzle that creates a 360 degree wall of water which blasts bugs from underneath and tops of leaves, cleaning into the center of the plants. They say that their wand, using only water, will effectively control insects and maintain clean, healthy plants and can even rejuvenate old ones.

The Bug Blaster is available throughout the United States and is available through Lee Valley Tools in Canada, or you can order on-line, it retails for only $24.95 for the blaster with a colorful aluminum 30" wand.

The Bug Blaster is:
Safe for Pets
Safe for Wildlife
100% Nontoxic 
No more Chemicals

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