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What the heck does toothpaste have to do with 
Honoring the Earth?

As many of my followers already know, I'm a dental fanatic!  And I want you to have the healthiest smile you can possibly have.  In one of my previous posts, I showed you many of the nasty ingredients found in even "Natural" toothpaste.

I also showed you how you can make your own toothpaste using organic ingredients.

Many still prefer to purchase a toothpaste and one of the toothpastes I recommend is the 

Okay...So you know how a quality organic toothpaste can help your teeth,
but did you know that the type of toothpaste you purchase can also help
Honor the Earth.

The chemicals in many toothpastes including sodium fluoride, SLS and many others can not only cause harm to your body but each time you brush you are sending those chemicals down the drain, It may not seem like much but it is estimate that millions of pounds of toothpaste are going down our drains each year.

Another eco aspect often overlooked when purchasing toothpaste is the packaging.  Approximately one billion tubes of boxed toothpaste are sold every year.  That accounts for more than 28 million pounds of packaging.  This not only contributes to loss of tress and more waste in our landfills, but the printing chemicals for those boxes return to the earth as pollution, and more energy is burned simply printing, manufacturing and transporting this excess packaging!

Tropical Traditions Teeth Cleaner Review:

Nasty ingredients found in even "Natural" toothpaste.

Purchasing a quality box-free organic toothpaste like Tropical Traditions Organic Teeth Cleaner...
Honors your Health
& Honors the Earth

is my Sponsor in the
Honor The Earth Giveaway Hop 
You can win all three of their fantastic teeth cleaners!

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