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Toxic Food Coloring In Easter Treats

Ah Easter, spring birds, chicks, bunnies and 
the array of pastel colors!

Pinks, yellows, blues, greens on everything from candy to egg shells.
What the heck is in those beautifully colored Easter treats your children are handling and eating ?

Most likely 
Toxic synthetic food colorings.

Those pretty pastel food colorings are made with
some pretty toxic petroleum, chemicals & additives. 

There are a Rainbow of Risks associated with your child's exposure to toxic synthetic food coloring.
Risks including hyperactivity, cancer and allergic reactions.

What a downer!  
No beautiful pastel colored and brightly dyed eggs?  
What the heck ?

Easter can still be colorful and full of treats without the toxic candies and coloring.

Colored eggs laid by my chickens 
Colored naturally by the chickens themselves!

5 ways to make Easter Colorful without Carcinogens:

1) Purchase only certified organic candies & treats which are colored with actual foods such as annatto, berries and vegetables such as beets & spinach.  Organic candies & marshmallows are available at many on-line stores & supermarkets.

2) Better yet make your own Easter candy and be sure to use all organic ingredients.

3) Have fun dying eggs with natural ingredients you can find in your home.  Check out some fantastic instructions on Eco-Crazy Mom.

4) Go completely dye-free with foils, sequins and other cool stuff and find out just how amazing your eggs can look!  Take a look at 15 Dye-Free Easter Egg Ideas on Parents magazine - Neat!  Another dye free option which can be super-fun is to locate a local farmer with breeds of chickens that lay colored eggs!  Yes Chickens can lay beautiful colored eggs in blues, green, pink, and all different shades of brown!  Or even try some quail or emu eggs.

5) If you are set on convenient food coloring you can choose from pure powdered organic herbs & spices (beet powder, turmeric, annatto, berry powders) or a USDA certified organic food coloring to be sure you kiddies are coloring carcinogenic-free!

And remember to always buy your eggs from happy hens!

Click here for Safer Easter Shopping.

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