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Berkeley Buzz Butter Review | Buzz Truffles Recipe

I recently had the opportunity to try Berkeley Buzz Butter 
from Living Tree Community Foods.

Living Tree specialize in organic living raw foods and unique raw food creations.
The Berkeley Buzz Butter is definitely a unique flavor experience.

Upon opening the jar, the smell was fantastic, spicy, warm, chocolaty and the texture is soft and spreadable, yet thick enough when chilled to use as a confection.  On first taste I found it spicy, with a kick that took me by surprise...For this reason, I set the jar aside and decided it wasn't for me.  But I was in one of my "moods".

By-passing the jar on several occasions, I finally decided to taste it again, and I was still pondering whether I liked it or not.  It was quite moreish.  So I kept tasting it still trying to decide if I like it or not and how I would like to eat it.

It has a creaminess yet a little sticky, and a flavor which reminds me of those candy cinnamon hearts and dark chocolate combined.  So I figured why am I trying to figure out what to spread this on when it can be served all on it's own?....Now find a way to present it as a dessert.

Such a simple thing to do.  Berkeley Buzz Butter is the main ingredient in my Buzz Truffles!  Just roll the chilled Buzz Butter in raw organic coconut, crushed nuts or cacao nibs and you have a fantastic delectable dessert that will definitely be the center of your after dinner conversation.

Here they are...
The Buzz Truffles

Visit Living Tree Community Foods for the Berkely Buzz Butter and many other unique raw living food creations!

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