Spring Organic Garden Tour 2012

There's finally been some nice weather here on the rock (Newfoundland) which has inspired me to get out in the garden

Here I'll share what's going on in the garden in spring

I hope you enjoy my gardening adventures, 
summer skincare products, summer recipes and all things summer!!!

Spring Garden Tour 2012

An overview of some of the garden projects we will have for you :)

Where I purchased the organic oil paint: www.sweedpaint.ca


  1. Thanks for the tour...how short is summer for you? Love your blog and all your projects.

  2. Thanks :) Our last frost date is June 20th and we are likely to get frost again in October, and our season is often quite wet...Quite a challenging growing environment, lots of rock & acidic soils too, but we keep plugging away :D


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