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DIY Peat Free Potting Soil | Make Your Own Soil

I've never had a problem germinating seeds, from direct sowing in all types of soils outside, to starting indoors in everything from garden soil to potting soil.

The problem I did have was fighting weeds which would
grow in outdoor soil used inside...

I know it's a big no-no in the gardening world to use non-sterile soil inside as you risk all sorts of nasties being brought in the house and ones that can attack the plants however, peat-based potting soils have been a nightmare for me.  I can't seem to get a balance of moisture in the stuff.  It's either sogging wet and growing white mold, or bone dry and cracking, not to mention adding more peat to our already highly acidic soil when planting out the seedlings just doesn't seem like a great idea.

Another issue I have is spindly seedlings...I envy those with nice healthy stocky seedlings, so this year I decided to try to get my lights closer to the plants.  Previously I just grew in a sunny window ledge and all I produced was weak long strands with a few dangly leaves.  Last year I decided to use lights but still my seedlings did not seem as strong as many other gardeners I follow on Youtube.  So this year I am trying something new with lights which I will post a little later...Hopefully getting the lights closer will help.

Please all tips are welcome on how I can get nice stocky plants when starting them indoors.

Here was my idea for this year's potting soil and so far so good, 
I've only had to water once, no mold, not dry and the seedlings are looking good :)

A base of sterile worm castings
Organic buckwheat hulls

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