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Organic Mint Balm Recipe

Making your own balm is quick and easy and 
only requires a few ingredients.  

I purchase my organic ingredients at Mountain Rose Herbs.

This peppermint balm is not only great for lips but is a great hand balm especially for gardeners hard working hands.  Adding mint essential oils also deters biting insects when working in the garden.

Have fun making your own versions of this balm.
I prefer to make it in small batches to make sure the oils are fresh.  
Use whichever fresh organic oils you have on hand 
(coconut, sesame, olive, hemp, flax, avocado, sesame all work great)

For a small tin of balm you will need:
1tsp of grated bees wax (or 1/2 tsp of carnauba wax for vegan), 
2 tsp of organic oil 
A few drops of any of your favorite food grade steam distilled organic essential oils.  
You do not need the essential oils if you prefer it to be entirely free from scents.

Finished Balm in a Dr. Bronner's tin:

The stainless steel condiment cups I use are available at Amazon for only $7.95/Doz

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