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Last week Zuki posted on 
how to construct the raised planters...

I had been mulling over doing this for a few years.  Our front lawn is our south side and the best growing area on our property, and we really need to take full advantage of every speck of sun we can get here in Newfoundland.  Yet I didn't want to take away from the street appeal.

This year I decided to take the plunge and tear up the front garden for food plants, even though I actually enjoy mowing grass, yup really - I do :) (I will keep some around just for that pleasure), fresh food is most important to me.  Having a very short growing season and few local organic farmers, most of our food is imported from quite a distance.  Growing our own was a struggle on the north wooded side of our property.  So here we go...Tearing up our lawn for the planters...

Now to build and install the arbor, trellis, pretty up the landscape and stain the boxes...Oh yea! And fill with food of course :D


  1. Just wanted to leave a note to say that I really enjoy your blog and your garden videos! I'm also wondering if you can offer a bit of advice...

    My husband and I built some raised beds for our backyard using the information from your blog as a guideline. I'm just wondering if you have any suggestions about what we should use to fill our garden beds? The advice we have sought at local garden centres suggests that the best bet is to use special soil mixes that contain chemical fertilizers. I'd prefer to keep it as organic as possible and I'm wondering what you used to fill your beds and what you use in terms of organic fertilizers.

  2. I use my own mix of compost and sand. However if you don't have any compost yet, the mixture I use and recomend is simply worm castings and sand at a 50/50 ratio, if you can add in some leaf mulch or dry matter like the hulls from old buckwheat hull pillows that's great too, I also like to water with a few tablespoons of organic kelp added in.

  3. Thanks for the advice! I didn't even think of using worm castings. You've definitely been a great help to us with getting our garden started. We even used the All Back Linseed Oil to treat the wood for our raised beds. Thanks again! :)

  4. It seems to be the safest commercial product to buy, it's pretty inexpensive and everything grows very well in it. No problem, happy to help.


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