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Moon Root Organic Soap Review

A good organic soap is hard to find...
Moon Root Soaps has made it easy to choose an organic soap
to suit everyone in your family.

Moon Root is a handmade skincare business owned and operated by Christelle Munnelly, a soap maker, animal lover and crafter who started the company in 2009. 

After making soap for herself in her kitchen, friends and family began asking
Christelle to share the love! 

She makes each batch with thoughtfulness, care, creativity, and love.
The name Moon Root was coined to create a sense of balance. Each bar of soap joins the sky with the earth. Scents from above join with plants from below. The feminine moon shines on the masculine root to create a blissful bar of soap.

There are currently 21 soaps to choose from.
Christelle sent me 5 of her lovely soap bars to review:

Carrot Cake

This  organic handmade soap uses organic carrot juice and olive oil infused with organic carrots. Vitamin A rich carrots help makes for healthy and glowing skin. It smells amazing!  The organic cinnamon & clove essential oils makes it truly smell like warm spicy carrot cake.  The organic turmeric not only adds an amazing color to the bar but has many skin healing benefits.
The wonderful ingredients are: 
carrot juice*, carrot infused olive oil*, coconut oil*, palm oil*, distilled water, apricot kernel oil, sodium hydroxide, orange*, cinnamon* & clove* essential oils, turmeric*
* organic ingredient

Licorice Soap

This has to be my favourite soap, lush creamy and it smell heavenly! As soon as I opened the mail box the mouthwatering scent of anise filled the air, I rushed home to open my package and find out what was so delightful...It will make your house smell like licorice. Super yummy!
The wonderful ingredients are: 
organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, distilled water, grapeseed oil, sodium hydroxide, organic castor oil, organic deodorized cocoa butter, organic palm oil, organic shea butter, organic anise seed essential oil, organic marshmallow root

Milk n' Honey

This soothing unscented soap adds extra moisture and soothing oats for sensitive skin.  I did dare try this one on my face and guess what?! - No itchy dry skin like many bar soaps. This mild bar is also made with wildcrafted organic honey for extra luxury.
The wonderful ingredients are: 
organic whole milk, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic palm oil, sodium hydroxide, wild harvested honey, organic red clover seeds

Minty Fresh

This soap is a gardeners dream soap.  I not only love the cooling refreshing scent of mint in the summer, washing in mint products helps deter insects.  I tried this on my hair as well and I simply love this refreshing simple scent!
The wonderful ingredients are: 
palm oil*, coconut oil*, olive oil*, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, peppermint* & spearmint* essential oils, dried mint* * organic ingredient


While rosemary isn't one of my favourite scents, being that this fabulous bar soap has wonderful organic safe ingredients I was going to give it to my husband but instead I decided to use this one as a dish and cutting board soap...And it's fabulous in he kitchen!
The wonderful ingredients are: 
palm oil*, coconut oil*, olive oil*, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, rosemary* essential oil, ground parsley flakes* * organic ingredient

At $6.00 for a generous size handmade bar, and with so many varieties to choose from,  Moon Root Soaps offers fantastic value and wonderful ingredients.

I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

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