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Mechanical Colored Pencils & Pencil Style Hi-lighter | The Pencil Grip Company

My love affair with colored mechanical pencils started when I found that the finishes on wood pencils irritated my fingers.

Aside from that, I feel mechanical pencils are more environmentally friendly because they are woodless and can last a very long time if taken care of.

I recently found The Pencil Grip company who not only offers incredibly priced
colored mechanical pencils (Only $2.50 each!), but also has a pretty neat mechanical pencil-style hi-lighter.

The noxious fumes from traditional style hi-lighters prevented me from using them for many years.  This pencil hi-lighter is fantastic for hi-lighting the pages of my gardening and herb books without those nasty fumes.  While it is named "The Bible Hi-Lighter", this would be a great gift for gardeners sifting through seeds catalogs, for students, kids or for anyone's hi-lighting needs.

The leads have good pigment and are not at all "waxy" like some of the cheaper pencils.  They have a nice range of colors and even the hi-lighter could be used as a lightly pigmented coloring tool.

I'm very pleased with the price and decent quality of these pencils.

Check them out:

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