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The Dandelion Has Changed Its Colors To Pink | Taraxacum Pseudoroseum

Oh the dreaded lowly dandelion...
Why did nature torture us with such a prolific weed?

I'm sure that's what many gardeners, garden admirers and passers by think when they see the bright sea of yellow flowers "invading" our luscious lawns and fields each and every season...
But why, I ask...

Not why is this "weed" so strong, not why is it so prolific, my question is why is it so dreaded?  Is green the color of choice?  Is not yellow beautiful enough for all to see?

Did you know that most lawn and field grasses offer no nutrients or use to humans, many grasses contain a cellulose that the body cannot digest. No only is it a labor intensive, useless carpet of drab green, it too is a noxious weed...Ever try to weed grass from your flower bed or vegetable garden? 

 Not only do we waste our valuable time and energy, we waste valuable resources "keeping" up with the grasses so to speak. Grass lawn care is one of the main contributors to toxic chemical pesticides that can contaminate the fish we eat and water we drink. Keeping a grass lawn at a reasonable height also contributes to burning gas, electricity or simply just wasting our time.

Just like inside our home - Texture, color and variety is what gives us pleasure and visual enjoyment, we need to start updating our gardens from the old 80's green carpets to layers and textures for modern visual appeal.  This will also protect the environment, and enable us to grow more beautiful nutrient dense plants which can give back to us.

Struggling over bland useless outdated grass simply makes no sense.  Many plants and "weeds" are much easier to grow, offer better visual appeal and can be edible.  Rather than costing us money, as grass lawn do, a diverse garden of beautiful colors and textures can save us money when we harvest them for our own remedies and food .

Did you know that dandelions are one of the most nutritious food and medicinal plants.  Every part has a purpose from the pretty little flower head right down to the root.

What if the dandelion changed it's color?  Would you change your opinion?

Here's another fact...Dandelions do come in other colors...Would you think so badly of a sea of white?  What about if a baby pink flower with soft yellow center popped up in your lawn, how could that be so terrible...But dandelions are not white or pink...right?

True pink dandelion growing in my garden (taraxacum pseudoroseum)

Now I'm not saying we have to let our property become all "infested" with weeds, but with some planning, placement and the right plants we can have a care-free garden with robust healthy plants that can feed and heal or families and our planet...

Think about your lawn this year...
Out with the old sickly greenish grass and in with the new robust hardy layers of plants which will add texture, color and life to your dead drab garden.

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