Raw Gaia Hemp Heaven Moisturiser Review

Gotta love raw skinfood & Raw Gaia has some of the best raw organic ingredients to nourish your skin.

Their fabulous Hemp Heaven Moisturiser is a rich creamy almost balm-like texture and it absorbs quickly into dry skin leaving it feeling soft and silky.

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Packed with cold-pressed organic butters & oils, the simple organic raw ingredients in this moisturiser are good enough to eat.  The light scent from the organic cocoa butter and organic essentials oils is that of mouth-watering white chocolate oranges.

$28.47 for a 60ml jar may seem a bit pricey but a very tiny bit goes a long way.  There is no water, fillers or any synthetic ingredients.  Just 60mls of pure organic oils and butters.

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  1. Just Tweeted them and told them you tempted me with this...looks great (although a little pricy) :)

  2. Thanks Katy :) If you ever try it, let me know what you think :).

  3. this sounds amazing..I am checking it out! thanks for the review!

  4. I'm always looking for great organic products, but so many these days have coconut oil in them, and I'm allergic to coconut! I am glad to see they do not use coconut oil and will definitely be checking it out. Thanks for the review! :)

  5. Hemp oil cream is the best product for girls to keep their beauty safe. This is a very natural product made from hemp plants and also know as CBD Skincare product also.
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